Accusump 24-046 1 Quart Oil Pressure Accumulator

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  • Type Oil Accumulators
  • Brand Accusump
  • MPN 24-046
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The 1-quart Accusump is ideal for surge control on motorcycle engines and pre-oiling for all engines. It's small size requires minimal space for mounting


  • To provide oil to the engine when the oil pump is unable to pick up oil from the sump due to conditions of surge during acceleration, braking or cornering
  • To provide pre-lubrication to the engine when starting before the oil pump has built up pressure. Cold starts account for 80% of engine wear
  • To iron out shock waves in the oil pressure system, caused by rapid rpm increase on a cold engine, sticky oil pressure relief valves, etc. Shock waves can damage oil filters, coolers, oil lines and oil pump drives
  • To provide more engine power by lowering the level of oil in the sump thereby reducing crankshaft windage, the correct levels can only be achieved by experimentation and are best left to experts
Designed for Motorsport use, No instructions included