Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differentials

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Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differentials

Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differentials

Enhance your vehicle's performance with Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differentials, engineered for precision and control. Quaife's ATB differentials intelligently distribute torque between drive wheels, minimizing wheel spin and maximizing power delivery. Whether tackling tight corners on the track or challenging terrains off-road, Quaife's advanced technology ensures superior grip and stability. Built for durability and efficiency, Quaife differentials are favored by automotive enthusiasts and professional racers alike.

When running a Quaife ATB Differential in a standard transaxle gearbox, we recommend you use the oil recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer – the Quaife ATB Differential does not require any special lubricants

Quaife does not specify torque bias ratio details. The Quaife ATB differential is an all-helical gear design. The angle and tooth form of the helix used, the number of pinions used and many other factors, (including the individual vehicle application in question), all contribute to how the differential behaves and biases torque across an axle.

Each Quaife ATB differential application is designed to offer the best compromise between performance and durability, which is why it is regarded as the industry benchmark design. We are so confident in these precision engineered products, we offer a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind.

The Quaife ATB Differential is engineered to handle considerable amounts of power and high torque loadings. In almost any given transmission or rear axle, the Quaife ATB Differential will not be the limiting factor. This has been proven in front wheel drive drag racing, where violent standing starts combine with high power outputs and sticky drag rubber

There is no additional maintenance required when using the Quaife ATB Differential. It is a ‘fit and forget’ item without any internal plates, springs or washers to wear out

There are no special parts required to install a Quaife ATB Differential, beyond what may normally be needed to install a stock unit. The basic parts needed will be differential bearings, transmission or rear end gaskets and possibly some shims if required