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For over 25 years the simplicity and effectiveness of the Accusump has made it the accepted method for providing more continuous oiling and adding longevity to road race and drag race engines.

Today supplying oil pressure to the engine before startup for the purpose of pre-lubricating engine components has elevated the Accusump to use on just about any engine or vehicle

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oiling system and is charged by the engines own oil pump.  Its simple and efficient design uses a hydraulic piston to separate the oil reservoir side from an air charged side.  On the oil side of the Accusump there is an outlet that is plumbed into the engine's oiling system, controlled by a valve. On the air side it's equipped with a pressure gauge (except for turbo oiler models) and a schrader air valve.  The schrader valve allows you to add a pre-charge of air pressure to the Accusump

The basic design of our Accusump Oil Accumulators and Accusump Turbo-Oilers are the same. However, the oil accumulators deliver oil to the engine before starting to eliminate dry start scuffing (pre-oiling) and discharges oil during low oil pressure surges to protect against engine damage during demanding racing conditions. The Turbo-Oilers on the other hand deliver oil to turbos after shut down to lubricate and cool hot turbo components and prevent coke build up and turbo damage.  Since turbo oilers are only concerned with oiling the turbo after shut down they are smaller in size and don't include a pressure gauge.  The accumulator models however, are larger to accommodate the volume needed to feed oil to the whole engine and include a pressure gauge so the user can view the stored pressure in the unit before engine pre-oiling

Accusumps Oil Accumulators are designed collect pressurized oil from your engine and store it so it may be discharged later. At the time the engine is shut off and the Accusump valve closes any oil pressure in the Accusump is held there. On engine start-up when the valve on the oil side is opened the pressurized oil is released into the engine and therefore pre-lubricates the engine prior to start-up.

After the engine is started and the oil pump has taken over, oil is pumped back into the Accusump. This moves the piston back and pressurizes the Accusump until it equalizes with engine's oil pressure. While driving, if the engine's oil pressure is interrupted for any reason, the Accusump releases its oil reserve again, keeping the engine lubricated until the engine's oil pressure comes back to normal. This release of oil could last from 15 to 60 seconds, depending on the size and speed of the engine. In racing or hard driving conditions, the Accusump will automatically fill and discharge when needed as you corner, accelerate and brake.

The ideal operating engine temperature is dependent on the type, size, capacity, workload and environment the engine is working in, however the best engine temperature is usually between 85-105°C or 185°F-221°F

The valve controls the flow of oil between the engine and the Accusump. Our Turbo-Oilers do not require any valve system to restrict their oil discharge as they are intended to discharge all their oil at shut down. However our Accusump Oil Accumulators require a valve to close off the unit after shut down in order to hold oil pressure inside so it can pre-lube the engine upon the next start up. 

In hard core racing applications a manual valve is used for simplicity. This valve can be mounted either on the Accusump directly or plumbed anywhere convenient along the feed line. With this valve, the operator has to manually open the valve before starting the engine and close the valve before shutting the engine off.

For applications where more convenience is desired or where it is difficult to access a manual valve lever a standard electric valve can be used. The standard electric valve is designed to slowly refill after any oil discharge and is ideal for 'daily drivers', boats, or RVs. The electric valve can be opened and closed from a remote dash-mounted switch or it can be wired directly into the ignition so it will open and close automatically when the ignition is in the 'on' or the 'off' position. For high performance applications that require rapid refill and constant discharges we recommend the EPC electric valve listed below. 

For those looking for the convenience of an electric valve and the fast refill rate required in racing applications our (electric pressure control) E.P.C. electric valves are recommended. The pressure control system keeps the electric valve in the off position during times of normal oil pressure. With the valve in the off position it is able to quickly recharge the Accusump with oil pressure after discharge, thus being ready for the next oil surge. When the engine's oil pressure drops below the EPC Valve's preset level the valve opens and releases the stored oil in to the system. Like our standard electric valve the EPC valve can be wired to a remote dash-mounted switch or can be wired directly into the ignition so it will turn on and off automatically when the ignition is in the 'on' or the 'off' position