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Mocal has been the leading provider of high-performance oil cooling solutions for over 50 years. From automotive to motorsport and industrial applications, Mocal's legacy of engineering excellence and innovation has earned them a trusted reputation worldwide.

Mocal offers a comprehensive range of oil coolers, oil system components, and accessories, tailored to various applications and vehicle types.

With a strong focus on motorsport, their products are proven to withstand the extreme conditions of competitive racing, providing a competitive edge and ensuring peak engine performance.

Engineered to the highest standards using premium materials and advanced techniques, each Mocal product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control.

Optimize engine performance and ensure efficiency with Mocal's cutting-edge products and engineering expertise.

Discover a wide range of high-quality Mocal oil cooler and fitting kits, designed to optimize engine performance and longevity. Our comprehensive selection includes everything you need to upgrade your vehicle's oil cooling system, from hoses and fittings to remote oil filter heads and thermostats.

Ensure efficient oil cooling with our premium-grade oil cooler kits, engineered to dissipate heat and maintain optimal operating temperatures even under the most demanding conditions. Our selection of hoses & fittings provides reliable connections for seamless integration into your vehicle's oil system.

Take control of your engine's oil filtration with our remote oil filter heads and thermostats, allowing you to customize your oil filtration setup for maximum efficiency. Our sandwich and take-off plates offer versatile mounting options, while our catch tanks help prevent oil blow-by and maintain oil system cleanliness.

Upgrade to a remote oil filter kit for convenient access and improved filtration performance. Whether you're a performance enthusiast or a professional racer, our Mocal oil cooling solutions provide unmatched reliability and performance for your engine's oil system needs.