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When it comes to maintaining optimal engine performance, effective cooling is paramount. Davies Craig specialize in providing innovative and high-quality cooling solutions designed to keep your engine running at its best, even under the most demanding conditions.

With over 45 years of experience, Davies Craig has established itself as a leader in the automotive cooling industry. Their commitment to innovation and quality has earned a reputation for excellence among car enthusiasts, race teams, and automotive professionals worldwide

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The size of correct application for electric fans vary greatly with each type of vehicle. Firstly consult your Davies, Craig selection guide. If the vehicle is not listed then measure the available radiator core area and space in the engine compartment between the radiator and the water pump or in the front of the air conditioning condenser. Then consult your Davies, Craig catalogue for the recommended fan sizes. Generally the larger the engine the larger the fan required. Upgrade to a larger size if yo have a turbo or plan to tow.It is important to follow these recommendations to ensure that you will get adequate cooling even under severe driving situations.

Yes. Davies, Craig electric fans work in either position as they are reversible.

Our Thermatic Fans are built initially upstream applications (in front of the radiator) as this method is slightly more efficient.

The instructions will show you how to set up the Thermatic Fan in Upstream and Downstream applications.

One of the very important factors with engine cooling fan/s is the volume of air any specific Thermatic Fan can pull or push through a radiator. In general terms 2 x 14" fans will match the volume flow of 1 x 16” fan but not 2 x 12" fans. There are other factors including core thickness and clearly the thicker the radiator core a more powerful fan is required. Therefore a single 16” fan will out-perform 2 x 12” fans in almost all situations. E.G. If your radiator is 4 core or greater then 2 x 12" fans wouldn't be recommended. Therefore 1 x 16" fan could be sufficient.

Remembering that any Thermatic Fan will cease to be effective once the vehicle speed has reached 50-60 KPH after which the ram air takes over. We also recommend Thermatic fans be fitted to the downstream (engine side) of the radiator

The ideal operating engine temperature is dependent on the type, size, capacity, workload and environment the engine is working in, however the best engine temperature is usually between 85-105°C or 185°F-221°F

A fan with curved or swept blades is quieter than a straight blade fan but it does not move as much air. Also the weight of a ring connecting the tips of a blade takes power to rotate. We think it is more important to have as much air flow as possible rather than a slight reduction in noise, when the fan is running which is generally less than 5% of total motoring time.