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Many mistakenly believe that a sporty suspension must be inherently stiff, but Birds approach challenges this notion. Drawing from data from industry experts and professional road testers, they aimed to emulate the handling characteristics of revered vehicles like the E30 M3, Lotus, and Jaguar. The goal was to achieve a perfect balance between ride quality and handling prowess.

Extensive testing on the E87 chassis guided the prototype development. The initial results were transformative: the car exhibited improved balance, reduced traction loss on bumps, and significantly enhanced ride quality. In pursuit of excellence, this led them to refine the prototype, resulting in a suspension system that offers unparalleled performance and comfort.

Discover the art of suspension tuning with Bird's meticulously engineered solutions. From improved handling to enhanced ride quality, these suspension systems offer the perfect balance for enthusiasts seeking the ultimate driving experience

  • BMW Car Magazine April 2020

  • Autocar August 2020

  • EVO Magazine May 2020

Experience the pinnacle of ride quality and handling with the Birds Bilstein Sport Suspension, meticulously engineered to enhance your BMW driving experience. Designed in collaboration with professional chassis specialist Rhoddy Harvey-Bailey, this suspension kit is the culmination of extensive research, development, and testing, resulting in performance and comfort on UK roads