Birds BMW 2 Series F22 F23 B2 Bilstein Sports Suspension Kit

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  • Type Sports Suspension Kits
  • Brand Birds
  • MPN 31-255-351
  • Specially valved Bilstein dampers
  • Matched springs
  • Designed for everyday road use

Suitable For:

  • F22/F23 220d/225d, 228i, M235i/M240i 

    Transform your BMW M235i or M240i driving experience with Birds' B-Series Sport Suspension kits, meticulously engineered to redefine ride quality and handling on the diverse roads of the UK. Featuring specially valved Bilstein shock absorbers and precisely matched springs designed by Birds, their kits offer the ultimate improvement in BMW performance.

    Not happy with modern BMW suspension setups, Birds embarked on a mission to develop a solution specifically tailored for UK roads. Collaborating with former racing driver James Weaver and chassis engineer Pete Weston, they spent over 18 months refining their B-Series Sport Suspension kits.

    Crafted for BMW owners seeking a fast road-car setup, the B-Series suspension combines meticulously judged road car springs with specially tuned Bilstein shock absorbers, delivering enhanced ride quality and improved body control. With additional tuning on the "additional dampers" (rear bump stops), the suspension kits provide good slow-speed ride quality and additional roll stiffness.

    These kits maintain vehicle aesthetics, with no more than a 10mm lowering and are available exclusively in OE Black.

    Rest assured, all Birds B-Series Suspensions come with a 24-month warranty without mileage restriction, providing peace of mind with every installation.

    **If the car is originally equipped with EDC (electronic damper control/adaptive dampers), you will need a new anti-roll bar link rod for the RHF (BMW part number 31306792211), and the EDC function needs to be coded out of the car**