Wilwood 260-8419 Brake Bias Proportioning Valve

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  • Type Brake Line Lock
  • Brand Wilwood
  • MPN 889545067934
  • MPN 260-8419
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These valves are regularly used in Motorsport/modified Vehicles to reduce pressure to the rear brakes. When brake systems have been modified/uprated or if the car is being used on the track, it is common to find that the rear brakes lock up before the fronts when braking hard - with predictable results

A proportioning valve can help restore the brake balance:

  • When rear brakes have been changed/uprated/not matched to front brakes - kit cars etc
  • When rear discs have been fitted in place of drums
  • On most FWD race/track cars
  • On RWD cars with weak stock proportioning systems or with a lot of weight transfer
  • On most vehicles when the rear brakes lock up before the fronts


Designed for Motorsport use, No instructions included