Webcon PJA301C Triple Weber 45 DCOE Carburettor Kit

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  • Type Carburettor Kits
  • Brand Webcon
  • MPN PJA301C

Webcon triple DCOE kit for 3.8 & 4.2 engine as fitted to Jaguar E Type

This carburettor kit offers expertly calibrated jetting for a complete, turnkey solution on standard engines. Experience increased power and torque without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Thanks to the 4 progression holes, the transition from idle is seamless and eliminates any flat spots.

This calibration works well on road cars. For higher states of tune, it is recommended that the carburettors be set up on a rolling road

Filter are not included in the kit, but we recommend using AFM4563

Please note that if this kit is fitted in anything other than a S3 4.2 E type, it is likely that the OEM thermostat housing will not fit the new manifold and in that case, a replacement thermostat housing will be needed (available separately)

The length of the manifold and carburettor assembly is 235mm excluding airhorns. The stock airhorns supplied with the kit are 62mm giving an overall length of 297mm

If you would like the airhorns changed, please let us know