SuperPro RC0107FZ Hyundai i30 Front Adjustable Anti Roll Bar

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  • Type Adjustable Anti-Roll Bars
  • Brand SuperPro
  • MPN RC0107FZ
  • Enhanced handling & ride characteristics
  • Superior replacement and repair performance – get back that "new car feel”
  • A safer vehicle with more grip
  • Improved tyre wear, fuel efficiency and reduced running costs
  • Superior abrasion resistance to rubber

2 Position blade adjustable roll bar with poly bushes and new mounts

Suitable For:

  • i30 PDE (all models inc N) 2016-

The benefits of SuperPro products include...

  • Sharper steering & less body roll
  • 30% lighter - reduced unsprung mass
  • Race-spec Chromoly
  • Unique progressive design
  • Fully adjustable to suit a variety of different configurations and uses

SuperPro roll control swaybar kits are designed to deliver a predictable, neutrally balanced suspension with increased cornering capabilities & decreased body roll

By being adjustable the anti-roll bar rates can be increased between 30-50% over OE anti-roll bars by simply changing the end link position on the anti-roll bar

      Designed for Motorsport use, No instructions included