Motul Vision Expert Ultra Windscreen Washer Fluid

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  • Type Washer Fluid
  • Brand Motul
  • MPN 106753
  • Technical Data Download

Suitable for all vehicle windscreen washer systems. Also recommended for headlights washers

Features and Benefits

  • All seasons windscreen washer, super cleaner
  • Concentrated product to allow dilution adjustment in the function of required protection
  • To be diluted with water according to the desired freezing protection (see table)
  • Exclusive formula: cleans and degreases efficiently the windscreen to enhance visibility
  • Effectively removes insect streaks
  • Dries leaving no mark for a better visibility
  • Methanol-free formulation. Neutral for rubber and paints
  • Respects the windscreen wiper rubber blades and prevent scale from forming
  • Pleasant green apple smell
  • Anti-freezing protection for washer system and tank down to -45°C / -49°F
  • Can be mixed with other same type products

Mix Motul Vision Ultimate with demineralised water directly into the washer tank according to the desired freezing protection, see technical data

Designed for Motorsport use, No instructions included