Motul Vision Expert Ultra Windscreen Washer Fluid

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  • Type Washer Fluid
  • Brand Motul
  • MPN 106753
  • Technical Data Download

Suitable for all vehicle windscreen washer systems. Also recommended for headlights washers

Features and Benefits

  • All seasons windscreen washer, super cleaner
  • Concentrated product to allow dilution adjustment in the function of required protection
  • To be diluted with water according to the desired freezing protection (see table)
  • Exclusive formula: cleans and degreases efficiently the windscreen to enhance visibility
  • Effectively removes insect streaks
  • Dries leaving no mark for a better visibility
  • Methanol-free formulation. Neutral for rubber and paints
  • Respects the windscreen wiper rubber blades and prevent scale from forming
  • Pleasant green apple smell
  • Anti-freezing protection for washer system and tank down to -45°C / -49°F
  • Can be mixed with other same type products

Mix Motul Vision Ultimate with demineralised water directly into the washer tank according to the desired freezing protection, see technical data