Motul Throttle Body Cleaner

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  • Type Throttle Body Cleaner
  • Brand Motul
  • MPN 108124
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Motul throttle body clean is a high-performance cleaner specially developed for the cleaning of throttle body and idling control valves. Eliminates deposits and varnish on butterfly and throttle valves, throttle-chambers and idling control valves. Cleaning agent for repair, assembly and regular maintenance work. Also suitable for external and internal cleaning of carburettors. Cleans nozzles, bushels, jets, tanks, floats and venturi tubes

Features and Benefits

  • Motul throttle body cleaner stabilizes the idle and improves engine acceleration
  • Quickly and effectively removes deposits as oil, grease, rubber and resin accumulated over time in the intake, at the throttle body and idling control valves without dismantling
  • Provides lubrication of the cleaned parts due to the contained lubricants
  • Regular cleaning improves the engine starting properties and reduces fuel consumption