Motul DPF Cleaner

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  • Type DPF Cleaner
  • Brand Motul
  • MPN 107817
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Motul DPF cleaner is a cleaner additive designed to be used in all types of diesel engines, with direct or indirect injection, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, with DPF (diesel particulate filter) and/or with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems

It effectively increases the performance of the DPF regeneration. Mixed with diesel fuel, it provides:

  • Faster and more efficient cleaning of the DPF
  • Restores original power and performance, provides perfect lubrication during the cleaning phase and prevents removed micro-particles from depositing. Moreover, it prevents diesel from fuel oxidation and micro-organisms formation.

Features and Benefits:

A clean DPF system is a necessary condition for an effective engine functioning. By increasing DPF regeneration performance:

  • Faster and more efficient cleaning of the DPF
  • Maintenance of the cleanliness of the DPF
  • Increased reliability

The use of Motul DPF cleaner will ensure:

  • Improved engine performance and driving pleasure
  • Increased power, improved start-up, idling and acceleration
  • Reduced fuel consumption and pollutant emissions at the exhaust