MOMO Indy Heritage Wooden Black Steering Wheel

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  • Type Steering Wheels
  • Brand MOMO
  • Handmade in Italy
  • 350mm diameter
  • Exquisite mahogany wood

Experience the timeless elegance of the MOMO Indy steering wheel, a homage to the rich heritage of MOMO. Crafted with exquisite mahogany wood boasting a lustrous glossy finish, this classic wooden steering wheel exudes sophistication. The brushed aluminium spokes add a touch of modernity, while the iconic Heritage MOMO Logo on the horn button pays tribute to our illustrious beginnings in 1964

Immerse yourself in the world of class, quality, and style with the MOMO Indy steering wheel - a true testament to our enduring legacy

Please Note: To install the MOMO Indy steering wheel, an aftermarket hub is required. We recommend utilizing one of the MOMO hub kits for seamless compatibility, although other manufacturer's hubs may also be suitable