Malpassi FPR008B Petrol King Fuel Pressure Regulator

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  • Type Petrol King Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • Brand Malpassi
  • MPN FPR008B
  • Instructions Download

This regulator allows fine adjustment of the fuel pressure to a suitable level for carburettors (usually around 4psi). Most electric fuel pumps produce too much pressure for the carburettor/s when the engine's demand for fuel is low (i.e. at idle or part throttle)

Most electric fuel pumps have an output pressure of 6-8+ psi. 6psi is enough to overcome the carburettor float needle valves and fuel leakage into or outside the engine will result

The filter elements are easy to change (no tools required), cheap and readily available

Suitable For:

  • Weber/Dellorto/SU Carbs
  • Single or multiple carburettor systems
  • Not suitable for high-pressure injection pumps/systems


Designed for Motorsport use, No instructions included