HEL Classic Mini Stainless Steel Braided Front Subframe Kit

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  • Type Braided Front Subframe Kit
  • Brand HEL Performance
  • SKU HEL-MIN-1-010-BK
  • Certification Link
  • HEL lifetime warranty
  • Stainless steel hose & fittings

Suitable For:

  • Classic Mini

This set replaces the rigid line running along the front subframe and extends to the t-piece on the cross member (for early-type) or to the PDWA valve (for late-type)

  • Servo Assisted (Late) - This kit is designed to work with later cars that have servo-assisted brakes and a PDWA valve on the cross member
  • Single Line System (Early) - This kit is designed for early cars using the original tin reservoir and t-piece on the cross member
  • Yellow Tag (Converted) - This kit is designed for cars that have been converted from a late-type servo-assisted setup to a yellow tag master cylinder with PDWA valve. This is a popular modification but requires a shorter line as the PDWA valve is mounted further over to the left to allow space for the now-removed servo system
  • Yellow Tag (Factory) - This Kit is designed for cars that utilise an original yellow tag master cylinder and a PDWA valve from the factory. The PDWA valve is mounted further to the right when compared to a late-type servo-assisted setup