Ford English Axle Crown Wheel & Pinion Set

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  • Type Crown Wheel & Pinion Sets
  • Brand MLR
  • Instructions Download
  • Choice of ratio
  • TUV Certified ISO 9001
  • Original Ford setting x 18 NiCRMO5

Suitable For:

  • Ford English axle (Salisbury/Timken type)
  • Escort Mk1
  • Escort Mk2
  • Cortina Mk1
  • Cortina Mk2
  • Anglia 105E
  • Prefect 107E
  • Kit Cars

On Ford Atlas axles the diff is removed from the rear via an inspection plate. On English Axles the diff is removed from the front as a complete unit

    We recommend this item is installed & set up by an experienced transmission specialist. If set incorrectly excessive noise and/or damage will result (The gears will whine on acceleration/deceleration depending on the inaccuracy - this is a fitting issue not a quality/warranty issue, once gently run in for 100 miles the gears should be quiet in operation)


    Designed for Motorsport use, no instructions included