Blackline PLF120/22 Ford English Axle 22 Spline Plate LSD

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  • Type Plate Limited Slip Differentials
  • Brand Blackline
  • Plate type diff
  • Direct replacement for stock differential
  • Increased & controlled grip on power delivery
  • Full motorsport specification

*Please make sure that this item is suitable for your model before purchase*

Ford 22 spline English axle (Salisbury/Timken type)

Suitable For:

  • Escort Mk1
  • Escort Mk2
  • Cortina Mk1
  • Cortina Mk2
  • Anglia 105E
  • Prefect 107E
  • Kit Cars

Not Suitable For:

  • Atlas axle
  • Capri or Cortina Mk3/4/5

Supplied with 22-tooth spline to suit uprated half shafts

On Ford English axles the diff is removed from the front as a complete unit, on Atlas axles, the diff is removed from the rear via an inspection plate

The Blackline plate style LSD is a true motorsport differential, with 30/90 hi-torque ramp angles and preload set to 60lbs/ft. It offers maximum traction even when either wheel is unloaded, ideal for race and rally applications

The Benefits Are:

  • Applies equal rotational speed to both wheels
  • Distributes torque according to available traction
  • Controlled power on launches and drifting slides
  • Progressive engagement
  • Easier car control
  • Gears and Body Manufactured from 8620 material
  • Direct replacement for stock differential

Note: This is a plate type, not a helical gear LSD

Includes assembled differential unit only. Bearings, gears, gaskets/seals etc are not included


Designed for Motorsport use, no instructions included