Blackline PLF120/18 Ford English Axle 18 Spline Plate LSD

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  • Type Plate Limited Slip Differentials
  • Brand Blackline
  • Plate type diff
  • Direct replacement for stock differential
  • Increased & controlled grip on power delivery
  • Full motorsport specification

*Please make sure that this item is suitable for your model before purchase*

Ford 18 spline English axle (Salisbury/Timken type)

Suitable For:

  • Escort Mk1
  • Escort Mk2
  • Cortina Mk1
  • Cortina Mk2
  • Anglia 105E
  • Prefect 107E
  • Kit Cars
  • Heavy-duty shafts & bearings

Not Suitable For:

  • Atlas axle
  • Capri or Cortina Mk3/4/5

Supplied with 18-tooth spline to suit uprated half shafts. This diff requires larger I.D bearings due to the larger shaft diameter

On Ford English axles the diff is removed from the front as a complete unit, on Atlas axles, the diff is removed from the rear via an inspection plate

The Blackline plate style LSD is a true motorsport differential, with 30/90 hi-torque ramp angles and preload set to 60lbs/ft. It offers maximum traction even when either wheel is unloaded, ideal for race and rally applications

The Benefits Are:

  • Applies equal rotational speed to both wheels
  • Distributes torque according to available traction
  • Controlled power on launches and drifting slides
  • Progressive engagement
  • Easier car control
  • Gears and Body Manufactured from 8620 material
  • Direct replacement for stock differential

Note: This is a plate type, not a helical gear LSD

Includes assembled differential unit only. Bearings, gears, gaskets/seals etc are not included

Designed for Motorsport use, no instructions included