3J NXG Performance Ford English 16 Spline Plate LSD

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  • Type Plate Limited Slip Differentials
  • Brand 3J
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*Please make sure that this item is suitable for your model before purchase*

Ford English axle with 16 spline Atlas half shafts

Suitable For:

  • Escort Mk1
  • Escort Mk2
  • Cortina Mk1
  • Cortina Mk2
  • Anglia 105E
  • Prefect 107E
  • Kit Cars

Not Suitable For:

  • Atlas axle
  • Capri/Cortina Mk3/4/5

On Ford Atlas axles the diff is removed from the rear via an inspection plate. On English Axles the diff is removed from the front as a complete unit

The NXG Plate-type limited slip differential is designed, manufactured and assembled right here in the UK. It has been engineered to be the strongest, most progressive and most versatile LSD unit in the marketplace today

The NXG Performance bevel and planet gear pack, with its big, strong tooth profile, gives not only a smooth mesh but it also all but eliminates the rattle and excessive backlash often associated with plate-type LSDs

Whilst the plate pack, which always runs on a minimum of 8 active surfaces (even in our lighter pre-load settings) to give maximum surface-to-surface area contact during use

3J Plate LSD's - How They Work

The standard "open" differential is ideal in most factory cars but is far from ideal for getting the best out of your car. It will always transmit the same amount of torque to both wheels - ideal whilst both wheels have 100% grip as they both have 100% of the torque that the engine is delivering to them. But, put one of those wheels in a situation where it can slip - for example on some ice - if it only took a tiny amount of torque to make that wheel turn, exactly the same amount of power would be sent to the wheel that isn't on ice. Hence why you'll get one wheel spinning and one not doing anything

The same theory can be applied to cornering. As the weight of the vehicle is transferred and the tyre on the inside begins to be lifted off of the ground, the amount of engine power required to make it turn is significantly reduced and so the amount of power sent to the outside "loaded" wheel, will be exactly the same. At this point, it wouldn't matter if you had 50bhp or 500bhp, as none of it would be getting to the wheel with any grip

To get around this an LSD can be fitted. An LSD, or limited slip diff, does as it says on the tin - limits the amount of slip of that inside wheel. It does this by essentially transferring torque directly from the housing to the side gears and thus bypassing the actually differential bevel gears. Whether it's by the traditional method of "clutch plates", or the more contemporary method of an additional set of bevel gears, the end result is essentially the same

Includes assembled differential unit only. Bearings, gears, gaskets/seals etc are not included


Designed for Motorsport use, no instructions included