Motul RBF700 DOT 4 Racing Brake Fluid

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  • Type Brake Fluid
  • Brand Motul
  • MPN 109452
  • Technical Data Download
  • High performance fluid
  • Very high boiling point
  • Resistant to carbon & ceramic brake temperatures

Motul RBF 700 Factory Line is the pinnacle of brake fluid technology. This high-performance, fully synthetic, polyglycol-based formula is meticulously crafted for racing enthusiasts like you.

Exclusive to this brake fluid is an extraordinarily high boiling point. It's engineered to deliver unwavering, consistent, and maximum braking power under the most demanding racing conditions, ensuring you stay in control when it matters most.

This non-silicone-based synthetic fluid is suitable for all types of hydraulic actuated brake and clutch systems. Whether you're racing with cutting-edge carbon and ceramic systems or conventional steel discs and clutch system actuators, Motul RBF 700 Factory Line is your go-to brake fluid for exceptional performance and resilience