Motul Classic Eighties 10W-40 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

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  • Type Semi Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Brand Motul
  • MPN 110619
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  • 10W-40 Semi Synthetic

Mineral monograde and multigrade lubricant specially designed for older engines. Using a specific blend of different base oils and a middle detergent formulation, it meets the requirements of classic and modern classic cars while benefiting from the advanced technology and expertise of Motul

Premium Quality without Compromises

Older and modern engines have different requirements and need as they often consist of different materials and were produced for a different type of usage. Motul Classic engine oils perform as the vehicle manufacturer originally intended with the best additives carefully picked to provide up-to-date protection and performance

Best Protection for Classic and Vintage Cars

Designed for respecting specific features and requirements of classic and vintage car engines by using, whenever applicable, new techniques that provide superior advantages such as anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties

Retro style oil can. High-quality oil

It is not only about the inner values of our products - also the outside counts. Therefore, the tin cans are designed as a homage to the glorious times when classic and vintage cars were produced. Watch out for limited edition designs that are strongly demanded collectables

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Can be mixed with mineral and synthetic motor oils. Oil change interval: according to the manufacturer's specifications, the type of application and the operating conditions