Mocal Aluminium Engine Oil Catch Tank

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  • Type Catch Tanks
  • Brand Mocal
  • Sizing Chart Download
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK
  • Choice of size
  • Reversible fittings & gauge
  • Brushed aluminium construction

On standard road cars, the engine breather oil and vapour fumes are directed back to the intake for re-combustion. This situation is less desirable on high-performance engines as it contaminates the incoming air charge leading to loss of power, fouling of ports/valves and possible detonation

A catch tank will be required in most Motorsport disciplines to trap oil and vent fumes to the atmosphere. This avoids oil being deposited on the road/track

    The tank is available in three sizes & five different colours. They are designed to vent to the atmosphere via the separator cap, consisting of multiple narrow passages to separate the oil and vapour so no additional breather filter is required. Two blanking plugs are provided so the sight gauge and pipe fittings can be reversed to give left or right-hand inlets to suit most applications

      Designed and Manufactured in the UK

      Designed for Road, Track and High-Performance use, No instructions included