Mocal 3/4UNF 5/8" Rubber Hose Oil Cooler Kit

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Engines with 3/4unf metal spin-on oil filters only - will not fit paper element/cartridge oil filters

Suitable For:

  • Most early BMW's 1969-1991
  • Rover V8 (SD1 onwards engines)
  • Ford Cosworth
Kit Includes:
  • Choice of Mocal oil cooler
  • Choice of Mocal sandwich plate (approx 34mm thick)
  • Aeroquip FBN1000 5/8" AQP high-temperature/pressure oil hose
  • 3/4unf Mocal centre bolt
  • Mocal sandwich plate adaptors & washers
  • 2x straight & 2x 90° Mocal push-fit fittings
  • Oil cooler mounting brackets, fixings & hose clips

Sandwich Plate Upgrades:- The sandwich plate can be supplied with or without 2x gauge ports. In cold weather, over-cooling of the oil can be avoided by the addition of an 80 or 92°c thermostat built into the sandwich plate. The thermostatic plate can also be supplied with one 1/8nptf gauge port

Hose Assembly:- The hose and fittings supplied in this kit are designed for self-assembly. No hose clips or swaging is required to secure the fittings to the hose. Once assembled the hoses have a smart/professional appearance. This innovative solution is only achieved by using hose and fittings specially designed for the purpose, it is, therefore, paramount that the correct hose & fittings are used. Assembly instructions can be found here

Some fitting tips and tightening torques are included. The hose will be supplied in one uncut length


Designed for Motorsport use, no instructions included