Mocal 16 Row Oil Cooler

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  • Type Oil Coolers
  • Brand Mocal
  • MPN OC1163-6
  • Sizing Chart Download
  • Full range available
  • Keeps oil temperature under control
  • Lightweight & efficient
  • Aluminium pressed plate construction

The design of any car, with the exception of the many that are fitted with an oil cooler as standard, will ensure that just sufficient cooling by airflow across the sump takes place under normal conditions of use to keep the oil of a chosen viscosity at its design temperature. This is where oil coolers become an integral part of the cooling system of an engine with any high-performance modifications

Oil as it gets hotter becomes thinner, losing its film strength, this film strength supported by oil pressure is what keeps bearing surfaces from touching, once bearing surfaces touch, metal is removed, clearances widen, oil pressure drops, and the contact surfaces are further worn away and immediate engine failure takes place


The most popular oil-to-air coolers are pressed or stacked plate coolers. The cooler consists of a variable number of aluminium-pressed plates forming oil ways and end tanks suitable for almost every application. Maximum working pressure on the standard range of coolers is 10 bar (150psi) although each cooler is tested to 11.5 bar (170psi) this is adequate for all but the most arduous motoring applications


The oil cooler will only achieve results where a volume of air is passing through the fins. The amount of heat dissipated by radiation is negligible. In practice, the most convenient position for the oil cooler is in front of the water radiator where a flow of air is guaranteed. Placing the cooler in this position will have hardly any effect on the water temperature

If space is not available in front of the water radiator due to an electrical fan, for instance, the cooler may be mounted behind the radiator and will still work well

Mounting on bottom brackets alone will suffice up to 13 row coolers after that all 4 brackets should be used

Designed for Motorsport use, No instructions included