Laminova C43 Replacement Oil Cooler Core

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  • Type Oil Cooler Replacement Cores
  • Vendor Laminova
  • MPN LCC4390

Replacement core for the C43 Laminova heat exchangers

Laminova's heat exchanger core stands as the heart of its exceptional efficiency, surpassing competitors with a remarkable 20% boost. Its patented design introduces a laminar flow pattern, reducing pressure drops when compared to traditional counterparts.

For optimal performance and mechanical interface, most cores are tailored to exact specifications. While specific core sizes have gained popularity, becoming standard choices in the automotive and racing industries, each core maintains a custom touch to suit diverse requirements.

Designed with supreme efficiency in mind, patented fin production yields extensive cooling surfaces through a cylindrical form. The laminar flow principle ensures minimal pressure drop and exceptional heat transfer across the entire length, making it ideal for partial or full coolant flow circuits.

The cylindrical, finned design amplifies cooling capacity through an expansive surface area. Its robust build grants impressive resistance against pulsations and hydraulic pressure.

Crafted from a single piece of extruded aluminium, the core guarantees top-notch heat transfer without soldering. Its lightweight and efficient properties are courtesy of the EN-AW-1050A 99.5% aluminium alloy

Designed for Motorsport use, No instructions included