Laminova C43 330MM Oil To Water Cooler

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  • Type Oil Coolers
  • Brand Laminova
  • SKU MLR.BXI616
  • MPN C43-33076-M16
  • Sizing Chart Download
  • Choice of oil & water fittings
  • Produced from extruded aluminium
  • Multiple applications
  • Similar performance to a 25 row air to oil cooler

The small and flexible package is used for both cooling and heating applications in many different motor vehicles. No separate oil thermostat is needed. The 330mm core gives similar performance to a 25 row air to oil cooler


  • Power steering cooling
  • Engine oil cooling
  • Diesel fuel cooling
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Transmission oil cooling
  • Intercoolers

Laminova's cutting-edge heat exchanger cores stand as the heart of the system, embodying unparalleled efficiency that outperforms competitors by 20%. With a patented design that fosters a laminar flow pattern, pressure drops are minimized, showcasing a distinct advantage over traditional heat exchangers.

The core's adaptability shines, available for separate delivery or integration within custom housings designed by customers. This approach ensures a seamless, cost-efficient integration that prioritizes performance.

Customization is key, with cores meticulously designed based on performance and mechanical interfaces. While standard products have emerged from popular core sizes, they've garnered global acclaim, endorsed by automotive manufacturers and racing teams alike.

A Design for Optimal Performance
Incorporating a patented production process, the fins within the core offer an extensive cooling surface thanks to their cylindrical design. Embracing the laminar flow principle, this core design boasts low-pressure drop and superior heat transfer along its length. The core's interior boasts generously sized coolant passages, resistant to debris and yielding minimal pressure drop. Its versatile application caters to both full coolant flow and partial flow circuits.

With its cylindrical finned configuration, enhanced cooling capacity is a given, bolstered by a substantial surface area. The core's solid structure ensures high resistance against pulsation and hydraulic pressure.

Exceptional Material and Craftsmanship
Crafted from a single piece of extruded aluminium, the core is a model of excellent heat transfer, entirely devoid of soldering. This strategic choice in material – EN-AW-1050A 99.5% alloy – offers the dual benefits of lightweight construction and unparalleled efficiency.

Laminova's heat exchanger cores are a testament to innovation, performance, and precision engineering. Choose a solution that redefines efficiency in heat exchange – choose Laminova


Designed for Motorsport use, No instructions included