Exhaust Manifold Heat Wrap

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  • Type Exhaust Wrap
  • Brand MLR

Length x 50mm x 1.5mm

Benefits Of Exhaust Wrap:

  • Greatly reduces under bonnet temperatures - giving other components longer life and greater reliability
  • Helps prevent pre-heating of the intake air/fuel charge - any reduction here is worth more power
  • Helps prevent skin burns when working on hot engines
  • Reduces unwanted engine mechanical noise - removes the harshness of the engine at high revs (four branch manifolds give off huge amounts of heat and noise)
Magma Exhaust Wrap:
  • Capable of withstanding 980°C/1800°F direct heat and 1370°C/2500°F radiant heat - ideal for turbocharged engines. It is manufactured from Aerospace yarns derived from volcanic lava fibres and is designed to be 25% stronger than standard E glass exhaust wrap. The specialist weave construction ensures the best thermal coverage as well as a smooth carbon fibre look. No need to wet or apply high-temperature sealing sprays

Fitting Tip: Soak the wrap in water before fitting. The ends of the wrap can be held in place by a stainless steel tie or hose clip (not included)

    Designed for Motorsport use, No instructions included