3J NXG Performance BMW 188K Plate LSD

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  • Type Plate Limited Slip Differentials
  • Brand 3J
  • Instructions Download
  • Plate-type limited slip differential
  • Sintered plate upgrade option

Medium case 188mm (36.4mm offset) 10 bolt crown wheel differential

Suitable For:

  • E82 123d auto; 125i; 128i manual; 135i auto
  • E87 118d auto; 120d auto 03/2007-09/2008; 123d auto; 130i
  • E46 318d auto; 320i manual (188L casing); 323i auto; 325i; 325ti; 325xi; 328i (3.46:1 ratio); 330i auto
  • E90 320d auto (7591017 diff); 320d manual (7591074 diff); 320i (188K casing); 325i auto; 328i auto; 325i manual (7591015 diff); 328xi manual; 330i; 335i auto (7572055 diff); 335xi auto
  • E92 320d auto (7591017 diff); 325i auto; 328i; 325i manual (7529109 & 7591015 diff); 330i; 335i auto (7572055 diff); 335xi auto
  • E39 520i manual; 523i
  • E60 520d auto; 520i; 525i auto; 525i SMG; 530i auto; 535i auto; 535xi auto
  • F10 535i auto; 535i manual
  • E63 630i
  • E38 728i auto
  • F01 740i (check diff fitted); 740li (check diff fitted)
  • E83 2.0d auto rear; 3.0i manual rear
  • E53 3.0i manual rear diff; 4.4i auto rear diff; 4.6is auto rear diff
  • E70 3.0d auto rear
  • E85 Alpina Roadster S 3.4; 2.5i; 3.0si; 2.5si SMG; 3.0i auto
  • E89 2.3i S Drive; 3.0i S Drive

The NXG Plate-type limited slip differential is designed, manufactured and assembled right here in the UK. It has been engineered to be the strongest, most progressive and most versatile LSD unit in the marketplace today

The NXG Performance bevel and planet gear pack, with its big, strong tooth profile, gives not only a smooth mesh but also all but eliminates the rattle and excessive backlash often associated with plate-type LSDs

Whilst the plate pack, which always runs on a minimum of 8 active surfaces (even in our lighter pre-load settings) to give maximum surface-to-surface area contact during use

Select the sintered plate pack which offers significant reductions in noise as well as improved performance and service life

Designed for Motorsport use, no instructions included