With the recent updates from Motorsport UK, MOMO bring you seats that meet the extended validity requirements of FIA Standard 8855-1999. You can now enjoy an additional two years beyond the FIA validity, totaling a seven-year lifespan without the need for recertification.

For even more advanced options, racing seats also comply with the FIA Standard 8862-2009, which already carries a 10-year validity. Additionally, the new FIA Standard 8855-2021 sets a 10-year validity for competition seats, offering improved strength and support during rear impacts, as well as enhanced protection to the pelvis, shoulder, and head during side impacts.

Motorsport UK has been proactive in advocating for the 10-year validity for racing seats, ensuring members benefit from the latest safety standards.

In addition to racing seats, MOMO also offer high-quality race suits that meet the rigorous FIA standards. While the FIA introduced a new Race Suit standard in 2018 with a 10-year life, Motorsport UK regulations allow the continued use of FIA 8856-2000, FIA 8856-2018, and FIA 1986 (except for Circuit Racing) standards indefinitely, as long as standard scrutineering checks are passed and the suits are well-maintained. The suits, made with fire-retardant NOMEX material, provide exceptional protection