Need An Oil Cooling Solution? Have You Considered This...

Need An Oil Cooling Solution? Have You Considered This...

In the realm of automotive cooling and heating, the compact and versatile Laminova heat exchanger stands out as a game-changer, catering to various motor vehicles without the need for a separate oil circuit thermostat.

Its applications span across power steering cooling, engine oil cooling, diesel fuel cooling, hydraulic systems, transmission oil cooling, and intercoolers.

The main benefits of the Laminova cooler are:

  • Maximum heat transfer
  • Low pressure drop
  • Superior heat dissipation
  • Maximum packaging flexibility
  • Light weight aluminum design
  • Cross-over leak proof design
  • Protected installation
  • 100% recyclable

The design prioritizes safety with a corrosion-resistant, pure aluminum construction, eliminating the risk of internal electrolytic corrosion. Thanks to its large passages and smooth flow patterns, the heat exchanger is exceptionally tolerant to dirty water, ensuring no fouling. Furthermore, the solid aluminum build, O-ring seals, and absence of soldering contribute to its highest level of leakage protection. The lightweight aluminum cast translates to a significant weight reduction compared to other materials, allowing for minimal piping and efficient use of space.

The installation process offers flexibility and ease, making it suitable for various setups. The core of the heat exchanger features fins with a 0.2-millimeter thickness and a 0.3-millimeter distance, creating an expansive area for heat dissipation, almost five times larger than conventional counterparts. The Laminova design allows for customization in housing, either separate or integrated with other components, without the need for soldering, and all connections are sealed with O-rings.

Its ability to tune the coolant flow pattern maximizes heat dissipation, and the laminar flow ensures a low-pressure drop, with the added unique feature of easily dividing the large oil flow into several parallel flows to maintain an extremely low pressure drop.

The Core:-

Laminova's revolutionary core design – the beating heart of efficiency. The unique patented design sets them apart, making the cores a remarkable 20% more efficient than the competition. The laminar flow pattern within the core not only enhances performance but also minimizes pressure drops, distinguishing it from conventional heat exchangers.

Experience tailored excellence with the custom-designed cores, meticulously crafted to match both performance and mechanical interface requirements. While most cores are bespoke creations, some popular sizes have evolved into standard products, trusted by automotive manufacturers and racing teams globally.

Engine & Transmission:-

Laminova heat exchangers are meticulously engineered to control temperatures, enhance efficiency, and extend the lifespan of engines and transmissions. Offering robust and efficient performance, these heat exchangers come as standard products or can be tailored to fit customer-designed applications.


What sets Laminova oil coolers apart is their superior efficiency, courtesy of a unique patented core design featuring a finned exterior. This design creates a significantly larger surface area compared to traditional "radiator" style coolers, ensuring optimal heat dissipation.

The laminar oil flow, a distinctive feature of Laminova, allows for performance optimization, particularly in automatic transmissions and CVTs. The low oil-flow rate passing through the core efficiently cools gearings while dampening noise levels.

Customization is a hallmark of Laminova, with custom cast housing designs that can be integrated or separated from other components. This assembly is performed without soldering, and all connections are sealed with O-rings.

The applications of Laminova heat exchangers are diverse, with cores effectively integrated into other components. For high-volume cars, combining the core with the oil filter cartridge is recommended, saving both space and weight.

Flexible mounting options make Laminova coolers versatile, allowing them to be mounted virtually anywhere without the need for direct exposure to airflow. The efficient design facilitates easy core inspection with removable end caps, ensuring leak-free operation.

Reduce "warm-up" time with Laminova coolers, which provide a heater function using cooling water to heat the oil quickly to the correct operating temperature, eliminating the need for an oil thermostat and promoting the longevity of engines and transmissions.

Crafted with precision, the cooler core is made of 99.5% aluminum to meet low volume, prototype, and aftermarket applications. Laminova coolers find applications in various vehicles, from cars and heavy-duty vehicles to motorcycles.