MST Performance BMW B48 2.0 Turbo Induction Kit

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  • Type Performance Induction Kits
  • Brand MST Performance
  • MPN MST-BW-B4801
  • Replaces the restrictive OEM air filter
  • Increase in power & throttle response
  • Full fitting kit with easy step-by-step instructions
  • Model specific & universal kits available

Suitable For:

  • F2# 120i 2016-
  • F2# 125i 2016-
  • F2# 220i 2016-
  • F2# 230i 2016-
  • F3# 320i 2016-
  • F3# 330i 2016-
  • F3# 420i 2016-
  • F3# 430i 2016-

MST Performance's high-performance induction kit, designed specifically for the BMW B48 2.0 Turbo engine. Experience improved throttle response and unlock the true potential of your vehicle with this performance-enhancing kit

Featuring a black powder-coated heat shield and inlet pipe, our induction kit combines durability and optimal performance. With dyno-tested results showing maximum gains of 12-14bhp (individual results may vary based on the vehicle), you can expect a significant increase in power and performance

The kit includes an easy-to-maintain dry pleated filter, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and longevity. By directing cold air straight to the turbocharger, this kit optimizes performance and enhances induction noise, adding an exhilarating sound to your driving experience

Whether you're installing this kit on a standard vehicle or an already-tuned one, rest assured that it will deliver positive performance gains. This induction kit is engineered to provide increased airflow and improved induction noise compared to the restrictive factory airbox